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Confused Odd Future Fan Still Yelling “Free Earl” at Concerts

By Drew Landry | Posted February 13, 2018
Various reports have confirmed.

14 Best Rap Lines from Kanye West’s ‘The College Dropout’

By Nathan S. | Posted February 10, 2018
We look back at the most memorable bars from Kanye West's classic debut offering.

20 Worst Song Lyrics From Eminem’s ‘Revival’ Album

By Andy James | Posted December 22, 2017
Eminem gave me no choice but to write this when he rapped, "Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea."

“A Very Chingy Christmas” Will Ruin Your Holiday

By Brendan V | Posted December 13, 2017
What did Chingy do to deserve this?
Tags: Chingy, Humor

10 Examples of Terrible Rap Slang That Never Caught On

By Hershal Pandya | Posted November 27, 2017
To truly understand, you must overstand...
Tags: Humor, Opinion

10 Years Later, We Graded These Rappers’ Plans to Fix the Music Industry

By Brendan V | Posted October 24, 2017
VIBE asked 50 Cent, Chamillionare and more how they'd fix the music industry in 2007. Let's hop in the time machine.
Tags: 50 Cent, Humor

The Worst NBA Players Turned Rappers Awards

By Matt Wilhite | Posted October 20, 2017
From Kobe to LeBron to Ron Artest—this is the best of the worst of NBA rap.

30 Best Quotes from the Most Ridiculous Rapper Sex Survey Ever, Ranked

By Matt Wilhite | Posted October 5, 2017
Yes, this is exactly what you think it’s going to be.
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