I Was Facebook Friends With Drake in ‘07, Here’s What His Personal Page Looks Like

By | Posted July 16, 2015
Seriously. Drake's actual, real, personal page. And yes, there are embarrassing photos.
Photo Credit: Facebook

I’m about to say a true thing. I'M ABOUT TO SAY A TRUE THING!

I used to watch Degrassi.

Back in 2007, my family bought a rundown, old cabin in Maine. I loved it up there, or at least that's what I told my parents. Honestly, it felt like a jail sentence. The house was in desperate need of renovations, as was the television situation; the only channels we got were the Spanish news and The-N. That summer The-N was airing a Degrassi marathon and I got hooked because that's a thing that happened back when you were locked into whatever was on TV. I now dig up shit on the internet professionally, but in retrospect, it must have always been in my blood because somewhere in the midst of the marathon, I began stalking and friending the Degrassi actors on Facebook. (Yeah I’m a creep, I know.) Well, as fate would have it, one of those actors I friended was named....

...Aubrey Drake Graham.

I didn't know I was going to be a blogger, I didn't even know Drake was going to be famous, but regardless I friended a total stranger because I saw him on TV. Nobody I told over the years believed me and I thought I'd never been able to prove it. Facebook has changed so much, Drake has changed so much, there's just no way I was still Facebook friends with Aubrey Graham. Shit, I just kind of assumed he deleted his Facebook. Once you reach a certain level of fame, I assume that shit is a no-go. Think Kanye’s poking people? I doubt Jay Z is sending out pirate ninja war invitations. The odds were so low I never even bothered to check. 

Well, I don’t know why—mainly procrastination—but today, I decided to check and see if by some miracle of miracles I was still friends with Drake.

I am.

Drake Facebook 07

It’s not a Drake fan page. It’s not a fake account. It’s Aubrey Graham’s real, actual, personal Facebook account. There’s no profile pic, he hasn't said anything since 2008, but it’s his account. Holy mother of Sweet Baby Jesus. I’ve been sitting on a blogger's gold mine for years now and I had no idea. Honestly, I feel kind of bad blasting out his personal pictures here, so I’m not posting pictures with girlfriends, family, or friends, but I just have to share this. I have an obligation as a “journalist” to give you the hard-hitting, need-to-know stories and what’s more important than never before seen pictures of a young Drake wearing his hat in a silly manner?

Drake Hat

Other than the pics of him running through the six with his various woes, there’s not much to tweet home about. There’s a video of a (probably) drunk Drake chasing people around with a pellet gun yelling “I feel like Tip!” but I’m still figuring out how to steal it from Facebook and put it here (stay tuned). The account is still active, but Drake hasn’t been active in a long long time. His last status update was “d'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'do that.” on February 1, 2008—what a way to go out. Still, it’s interesting to scroll through his timeline, because you really get a sense of his come up. For example, there’s a shit ton of party invites and struggle rappers trying to get next to him. But if you go way back, it’s cool to see people say “I saw your video” or "the mixtape is great!”

Drake Hat

The bigger Drake got, the more comments he got, the more people wanted a piece of him.

Drake Facebook 07

It really is amazing to see how much fame and success attracts people. I’ve always wondered if getting up by strangers pretending to be your best friend is real of just something rappers say, but seeing Drake’s Facebook proves to me it’s real. It must be overwhelming to try and manage a normal Facebook with so many people hitting you up about a song or future bloggers friending you and then exploiting your personal Facebook page for page views years later. Anyway, here are some of the pics, you can thank me later.

Sorry, Drake.

Drake Facebook 07
Drake Facebook 07
Drake Facebook 07
Drake Facebook 07
Drake Facebook 07
Drake Facebook 07
Drake Facebook 07

The real question is, should I poke him?

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