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Wale Is No Longer Signed to Atlantic Records: Source

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2018
The DC veteran is now indie.
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Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Goblin’ Album Quietly Went Gold In January

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2018
Seven years in the making.

Cozz’s ‘Effected’ Debut Showcases an MC Hurdling Toward Undeniability

By Yoh | Posted February 13, 2018
But even with a co-sign from J. Cole, Cozz isn’t Ali Baba. There’s no magical phrase to open eardrums.

Could You Wait 7 Years for an Album Placement? I Did

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2018
Djay Cas' journey from meeting Jeezy to earning an album placement was a seven-year roller coaster of emotions.

The “Big Secret” Behind Quitting Your 9 to 5 to Pursue Music Full-Time

By !llmind | Posted February 13, 2018
"I lived in mom's basement until I was 26 years old."

Confused Odd Future Fan Still Yelling “Free Earl” at Concerts

By Drew Landry | Posted February 13, 2018
Various reports have confirmed.

Sing About Herc: Why Hip-Hop Pioneers Must Be Cherished By the New Generation

By Yoh | Posted February 13, 2018
With the culture more visible than ever, we can't allow the disappearance and invisibility of those who laid the foundation almost 50 years ago.
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Meet OG Parker, the Atlanta Producer Helping QC Achieve Their “No Breaks” Mentality

By Diegs Torres | Posted February 12, 2018
We sat down with OG Parker to discuss the QC movement, producing for Migos and more.

Vince Staples Earns First Career RIAA Certification for “Norf Norf”

By DJ Z | Posted February 12, 2018
From the city where the skinny carry strong heat.

Beat Break: Boi-1da Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs

By Andy James | Posted February 12, 2018
The Toronto-raised producer breaks down hits for Drake, Kendrick, Eminem and Rihanna.

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