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Kenan Draughorne

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“I’m on a Different Wavelength”: Domo Genesis is Happy Again (Interview)

By Kenan Draughorne | Posted January 31, 2018
"It takes a lot of time to get inspired by real life to go back and rap."

“I Want to Take the Stigma Away From Pop Music”: How Duckwrth Is Breaking Down Barriers (Interview)

By Kenan Draughorne | Posted December 18, 2017
The Los Angeles native is dispelling preconceptions and spreading the UUGLY gospel.

21 Savage Has No Reason to Apologize for All the “Soft Ass N****s” from Atlanta

By Kenan Draughorne | Posted September 22, 2017
Ultra-masculine rappers have always ruled hip-hop, but the tide is turning.

Why I’m Not Mad at Syd for Making Mainstream R&B

By Kenan Draughorne | Posted September 5, 2017
Syd's solo debut was initially a disappointment, but I've grown to champion the album.
Tags: Syd, Opinion

Are We Listening to Our Favorite Rappers, or Just Hearing Them?

By Kenan Draughorne | Posted August 30, 2017
Meaningful engagement is only possible if fans both care for and connect with the messenger and the message being delivered.

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