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Natia is No Longer Homeless, But “Optimism” Remains a Work in Progress

By Miguelito | Posted December 5, 2017
"I have miserable days, but I try to make one thing about myself better every day."

How Mixing Brent Faiyaz’ ‘Sonder Son’ Reignited Jeff Jackson’s Passion for Engineering

By Miguelito | Posted November 28, 2017
From Chicago to LA to the Dominican Republic to mix Brent Faiyaz's new album, the engineer tells his story.

Why Vince Staples is the Most Exciting Show in Rap Right Now

By Miguelito | Posted November 1, 2017
The Def Jam MC can’t control how you felt about his music before his set and he knows it, so he doesn’t care.

“Just Spit Raps”: A (Mostly) Serious Talk With Injury Reserve

By Miguelito | Posted September 29, 2017
'Drive It Like It’s Stolen' is the simple product of three friends not overthinking direction and just living rap.

Mixing, Emotion & “Cutting Out the Bullshit”: A Talk with Former Frank Ocean Engineer Jeff Ellis

By Miguelito | Posted September 6, 2017
For revered engineer Jeff Ellis, great mixing is the product of great living—and breaking chains.

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