Reloop Presents: Jay Frog All Vinyl DJ Set [VIDEO]

By | one week ago

When I first started spinning back in 1992 vinyl was really the only way to play.  I don't miss lugging around crates and crates of records to and from gigs, but I do miss the imperfection of the vinyl media and appreciate (and sometimes miss) all the extra work it took to get to the cue points, mix, and beatmatch an all vinyl set.  Jay Frog teams up with Reloop DJ to deliver a dope Electro-Vibe style vinyl set to remind us all how its done.  He completes the performance on a pair of Reloop RP-7000 turntables in 1200 silver livery along with the Reloop RMX-90 mixer.  Check out the video below and give them the thumbs up if you're feeling it...

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