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Wale Is No Longer Signed to Atlantic Records: Source

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2018
The DC veteran is now indie.
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Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Goblin’ Album Quietly Went Gold In January

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2018
Seven years in the making.

Cozz’s ‘Effected’ Debut Showcases an MC Hurdling Toward Undeniability

By Yoh | Posted February 13, 2018
But even with a co-sign from J. Cole, Cozz isn’t Ali Baba. There’s no magical phrase to open eardrums.

Could You Wait 7 Years for an Album Placement? I Did

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2018
Djay Cas' journey from meeting Jeezy to earning an album placement was a seven-year roller coaster of emotions.

The “Big Secret” Behind Quitting Your 9 to 5 to Pursue Music Full-Time

By !llmind | Posted February 13, 2018
"I lived in mom's basement until I was 26 years old."

Confused Odd Future Fan Still Yelling “Free Earl” at Concerts

By Drew Landry | Posted February 13, 2018
Various reports have confirmed.

Sing About Herc: Why Hip-Hop Pioneers Must Be Cherished By the New Generation

By Yoh | Posted February 13, 2018
With the culture more visible than ever, we can't allow the disappearance and invisibility of those who laid the foundation almost 50 years ago.
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